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CBBCS Training Introduction
Carrie Brooks-Brown Consulting Services, LLC. (CBBCS) invites you to browse the courses elected by the State of Arizona to provide to various agencies. Additionally, we provide a brief background on our company and the expertise each of our trainers possesses.

CBBCS has been providing training services across various entities, including federal, corporate, and non-profit organizations, for the last 13 years.  We can provide training in many formats, including the following:

  • Computer Based Training: CBBCS can provide training modules that are both interactive and informative on the computer
  • Webinar: Training directed by our expert trainers through a live session on the computer
  • E-Learning: Internet-based Programs to provide training
  • Train the Trainer: CBBCS trainers directly train those responsible for providing direction and leadership to the employees of an organization, and provide the tools to provide training themselves
  • State Facility: CBBCS trainers will come to any State of Arizona agency and provide courses for various sized groups.
  • Vendor Facility: CBBCS offers the State of Arizona the ability to have state employees come to our Tempe, AZ location to receive direct training.

CBBCS can provide both structured and customized classes.  If there is a course that is recommended by the State of Arizona, and a trainer is all that is needed, we can provide that service.  Additionally, our training experts can provide customized approaches to all the courses so that it highlights what makes each agency unique.

If you wish to receive training on a particular subject that does not appear here, please contact one of us, and we will design a course for you.  You may also download our Client Training Catalog CBBCS.

CBBCS Training Catalog 2013

CBBCS Training Catalog 2013